New RTLS Features for Locera

Recently, the following requests have come in, and thanks to our nimble and ridiculously talented devs, we’re happy to now roll out these new RTLS features for all users of Locera! All you need to do is login and BAM, new features!

New RFID Features for Locera

Our Devs, who just keep making Locera better and easier to use, have released a bunch of sweet new RFID features available to all users!

Getting Started with Zero Integration

Locera is a turnkey SaaS that requires none of that time and money commitment, hence “zero integration”. It’s already built and ready to start displaying your data from day one.

Locera API: Location Intelligence Made Easy

KAASM, a technology company headquartered in Seattle, has announced the release of Locera, a location-based SaaS offering. Locera aims to transform how industrial companies operate by enabling the use of location intelligence.

Open Sourced RFID Integration via OPC UA

RFID support has been added to extend our cloud-native location software package. RFID support rounds out the location and identification feature set and further extends the Locera platform as the hub for location data access and sharing.

Locera’s 3D Map

Locera 2.0 introduces a new 3D Map made with Unity that allows for rapid visualization of Real-Time Location Systems.

Why Webhooks Are Awesome!

What good is location data if it’s stuck in a silo? In addition to the robust API, Locera 2.0 now supports Webhooks, making it easier than ever to unleash the power of automated location data into any system or workflow.