New RFID Features

Uncomplicating the Complicated

We know all too well that the biggest roadblock to RFID adoption has always been cost and complexity. Sure, buying readers is easy, and not too expensive, but in order to see and make use of the data, a significant investment of time and money has to be made. This is where our Zero Integration approach really shines and changes the game.

Locera works out of the proverbial box to connect RFID readers with it’s intuitive user interface to provide immediate visualization of the RFID data coming from readers.

Everybody gets new RFID features

What are These New RFID Features?

Our Devs just keep hammering away to make Locera better and easier to use. And the best part? Because of Locera’s cloud-native nature and API based platform, all these sweet, sweet new RFID features and enhancements are available to all users right now. All you have to do is login and BAM, you get new features, you get new features, everybody gets new RFID features!

Notable Updates:

  • Advanced UI Mapping
  • Locera Go
  • Zero Integration
  • Improved Item Tracking

Advanced RFID UI Mapping

Built with Unity, this is by far the coolest of the new RFID features. This implementation makes it super easy to visualize and monitor a system across your entire facility. Quickly see basic diagnostic information to determine reader status, and view history of last scanned items at each location to know where stuff is. The addition of this mapping methodology adds to an already impressive feature set available to all users of Locera.

A Unity built map is one of the new RFID features

RFID Map Overview

Reader view on the Unity built map is one of the new RFID features

Last Scanned Reader Map View

Locera Go

If you spend the majority of time out on the floor, Locera mobile is your bro on the go. Whether you’re actively looking for an item or trouble shooting process, Locera on a phone or tablet helps you easily track items and their scan history in real-time. Access this from anywhere on your mobile device at 

Locera Go is one of the new RFID features

Locera Go

Zero Integration

What good is location data if you can’t use it? Locera is a turnkey SaaS that works out of the preverbal box, providing you with all the data your little heart desires from the start. Our zero integration approach means you can have readers set up and start using the data in matter of hours, not months. All the data is there, it just needs your vision! Click here to read more about setting up readers in Locera with zero integration. If reading isn’t your thing click here to watch the video.  

Read Point main page

Locera Read Point Page

Improved Item Tracking

We’ve added even more data points to your items for tighter inventory control including automatic quantity updates that keep track of items that you have multiple of. Time based notifications are now available to help manage expiration dates, which will have immediate effects on unnecessary waste.

New item page attributes

Locera Item Page

Easy Proof of Concept

Proof of concepts don’t need to be complicated or costly. As we’ve said, there is zero integration needed to start seeing and using your RFID data with Locera. Combine that with other programs designed to put hardware in your hands for a low cost, installing and assessing an RFID system in your facility the easiest thing you’ll do all year. So, whether you are just starting your RFID journey, or well on the road, we’ve got the experts and programs to achieve your goals with minimal investment.  Schedule a demo today and see what zero integration really means.

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