Imagine what you will do with

location & identification technology

eliminate mistakes

Incorporating location data into operational processes help companies enhance accuracy, efficiency, and assists in optimizing workflows. 

reduce waste

By leveraging location data, you can make informed decisions, improve resource utilization, and achieve significant reductions in waste.



on the fly

Easily visualize and manage RTLS areas with the AR companion app or identify RFID items and their scan history in real-time with LoceraGO

connect to everything

Unleash the power of automated location data into MES, SCADA, and business systems with our API and Webhooks!


save time, save money

Combine process refinement and alert notifications to take advantage of location data and save you money. 


Locera’s Zero Integration approach is designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience by enabling users to quickly and easily install, configure, and use Locera without technical expertise or extensive manual intervention.


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