We Heard! New RTLS Features for Ya

We pride ourselves on listening to, and addressing the hopes, dreams, and desires of Locera users. Recently, the following requests have come in, and thanks to our nimble and ridiculously talented devs, we’re happy to now roll out these new RTLS features for all users of Locera! All you need to do is login and BAM, new features!


  • On-Screen Map Controls
  • Transponder Battery Status
  • Email Notifications
  • UI Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Map Control

We’ve updated the 3d map and removed the need for a mouse to navigate, making it especially easy to use on a tablet. Along with camera angle presets, quickly zoom to any area via drop down menu or to a specific transponder by selecting it. If you’d prefer to move around manually, an on-screen thumbstick and elevation buttons are located at the bottom.

RTLS Map with On-Screen Controls
RTLS Map Navigation Presets and Area Search

Transponder Battery Status

Stay on top of battery changes and stop scrambling around when transponders run out of juice! A new RTLS feature for the battery status of transponders is now available. This feature provides real-time monitoring of the transponder’s battery level, ensuring it remains operational and providing accurate location data at all times. The battery status feature is designed to alert users when the battery level is low, allowing them to replace the battery before it runs out of power. This is especially important in mission-critical applications where the failure of an RTLS transponder could have significant consequences. The battery status feature helps to ensure the reliability and continuity of RTLS operations, making it a valuable addition for any organization relying on RTLS for real-time asset tracking and monitoring.


  • Dashboard Indicator – Individual transponder battery status is available via the Locera RTLS Dashboard. “Red” icon status denotes a battery voltage level of less than 20%.  Inversely, “Green” icon status denotes battery supply voltage greater than 20%.

  • Low Power Filter – Items page now contains a sortable “Low Power” column.

  • Reporting – The transponder battery status list can be exported via copy/paste, print, csv, excel, or pdf.

  • API – All battery status information is available via the Locera API or Webhooks, and can be connected to maintenance systems for condition based preventive maintenance.
Locera RTLS Dashboard with Battery Status Indicator
Locera RTLS Transponder Battery Status, Sort on Low

Email Notifications

You should know immediately when a transponder isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Email notifications may not be as sexy as the other new features but they keep you informed in real-time, allowing you to stay on top of important events as they happen. Working with Area Rules and Geofences, email notifications provide timely and accurate information to keep you one step ahead of the curve.

Have a request for new RTLS features? Reach out @ locera.io! Interested in RFID as well? Check out the latest new RFID features available to all Locera RFID users.