Locera, our cloud native SaaS offering, supports RFID integration via OPC UA. OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is a platform-independent service-oriented architecture that integrates all the functionality of the individual OPC Classic specifications into one extensible framework.

Calling OPC UA methods with complex data types can be complicated because the byte stream from the OPC UA server with complex objects needs to be encoded and decoded.  Each object has a binary encoding that needs to be specifically encoded and decoded so they can be translated into simple C# objects. 

Our Dev Team wanted to share their work on RFID integration via OPC UA with the developer community to help kickstart their own applications. So we open-sourced the classes used to call the methods employed by the supported Siemens OPC UA RFID readers (RF360R & RF600) and released it on GitHub.

The released code includes the simple Structures and Unions that are needed to call the OPC UA Scan method from inside of the RFID reader. This method may also be available to other OPC UA RFID readers. We’ve also included a simple OPC UA client-based on the client developed by Converter Systems to wrap the logic in an easy to use class.

We don’t expect these classes to solve all of your OPC UA RFID method needs but it should give you a good headstart when working with these devices. Code on.

You can find the code on GitHub at https://github.com/kaasmdfs/RfidOpcLib

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