New RTLS Features for Locera

Recently, the following requests have come in, and thanks to our nimble and ridiculously talented devs, we’re happy to now roll out these new RTLS features for all users of Locera! All you need to do is login and BAM, new features!

New RFID Features for Locera

Our Devs, who just keep making Locera better and easier to use, have released a bunch of sweet new RFID features available to all users!

Open Sourced RFID Integration via OPC UA

RFID support has been added to extend our cloud-native location software package. RFID support rounds out the location and identification feature set and further extends the Locera platform as the hub for location data access and sharing.

RFID Automation Journey

3 key things to consider on your journey to an automated RFID system that will increase value, and gain adoption of the changes.

Real-Time Asset Tracking: What it Means and Why it’s Important

A simple explanation of real-time asset tracking is to accurately know where your assets are, how much of it, how long it’s been gone, and who has it. Managing your valuable goods for the purposes of inventory management or simply protecting them from loss, are elements to real-time asset tracking.