Real-time Location and RFID Software

On Tuesday, September 21st, KAASM announced the release of Locera 2.0, it’s cloud-native Real-time Location and RFID software. This release brings Locera into its final form as the monarch of location and identification data. Building on the success of version 1.1, Locera 2.0 cuts costs and creates efficiencies across your facility that you didn’t even know were possible. This release is feature packed and full of bangers. Keep reading to learn all the goodness.

“Locera 2.0 builds upon a robust cloud infrastructure and powerful API to create a truly comprehensive Real-time Location and RFID platform that lets you track everything, from anywhere. It not only enables customers to unlock the power of their location data, it makes it extremely easy to do so.”

Shawn Sandoval
President, KAASM

Advanced UI Mapping

Built with Unity, the new map exists in a clean 3d environment which can scale to any size facility. This approach makes it easy to visualize your entire system regardless of size, number of geofences, or amount of transponders. Quickly identify transponders in alert and fly through your facility to see where everything is.

3D Map Feature. Real-time Location and RFID Software
3D Map Feature. Stacked Geofences
3D Map Feature. Transponder View

Augmented Reality

Take Locera to the shop floor with the AR companion app. Easily visualize asset locations, areas and alerts while walking through your facility. The AR app also makes creating singular and stacked geofences a breeze by allowing placement of boundaries in exact locations.

Augmented Reality Companion App

Webhook Support

What good is location data if it’s stuck in a silo? In addition to a robust API, Locera now supports Webhooks, making it easier than ever to unleash the power of automated location data into any system or workflow. Whether you want to push or pull, all the data is there to complete your vision!

Webhook Support

RFID Home Base

Be sure that your critical tools and assets are where they belong by assigning them a home base. Know when items leave and return by simply viewing the dashboard, or go deeper by exporting comprehensive reports.

RFID Home Base Feature. Real-time Location and RFID Software

Deployment Options

In the Cloud: Cloud services, combined with precise ultra-wideband & RFID devices form the core of Locera’s technology. Simply attach location transponders/tags to your objects, deploy tracking gateway receivers or RFID readers at your facility, and log into Locera to access location intelligence. Cloud deployment allows you to access every aspect of your system from anywhere, and the SaaS model means always being up to date with the latest version.

On-Premises: Locera’s flexibility allows for on-prem deployment to meet internal technical requirements. All of the awesome functionality and features remain, but software updates and maintenance will need to be performed manually. In absence of cloud infrastructure, Locera Server is required to run the system and an additional support contract may be needed.

Real-time Location and RFID Platform

Locera is a simple, yet powerful global hub for location and identification data. Access to extensive location intelligence and history helps customers quickly achieve safety, efficiency, and regulatory results by automating the track and trace of assets, vehicle monitoring, and integration into existing systems. In the cloud or on-prem, Locera real-time location and RFID Software makes it easy to know where everything is, from anywhere, at anytime. Click here to see how Locera can transform your operation!

How to Update

To take advantage of this release, all you need to do is nothing! Because Locera runs in the cloud, just log in as normal and enjoy all the great new features. If you aren’t already a Locera user, reach out to KAASM or check out to see how easily you can save time and money by knowing where everything is.

Note that the Augmented Reality companion app is separate but still included free in this release.

Demo, Questions, or Media Inquiries

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