KAASM has released Locera version 1.1, a major update to it’s cloud-native location intelligence app. Running on AWS, Locera is a simple, yet powerful global hub for location and identification data, and its place as the leading real-time location and RFID platform is cemented with this release.

“The Locera v1.1 release contains a mix of feature requests from customers and improvements that further set Locera apart as the premier global RTLS and RFID Platform.”

Calvin Hamus, Lead Architect

While most of the work took place on the backend, making things faster, smoother and easier to deploy, Many exciting user facing features have made it into the build. Most notable of which include inventory management, email notifications, and updates to role based access. The last in that list paves the way for Multi-tenancy in the next release. 

Inventory Management

The most exciting new feature is the ability to manage inventory within Locera. Now you can utilize RFID to automate the tracking and managing of repairs, ROI and total cost of all inventory including tools, raw materials, finished goods and more. It’s a simple concept that can save you time and money across your facility.

Inventory Management – Index Page
Inventory Management – Item Creation Page
Inventory Management – Item Page

Navigation Updates

Updates to the navigation give Locera a more standard look and feel while simplifying access to the areas you need. 

Main RTLS Dashboard

Role-Based Access Update

RFID, RTLS, and Inventory are all separate roles allowing for mixing and matching of needed features. If you only employ RFID in your facility, there is no need to pay for it or have your UI cluttered up with it’s navigation.

Locera Login Page

Full Release Notes

How to Update

To take advantage of this release, all you need to do is nothing! Because Locera runs in the cloud, just log in as normal and enjoy all the great new features. If you aren’t already a Locera user, reach out to KAASM or check out locera.io to see how easily you can save time and money by knowing where everything is.

Demo, Questions, or Media Inquiries

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