Locera contact tracing software features

The Basics of Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is used to prevent the spread of infectious disease and involves identifying people who have been diagnosed with an infectious disease and those they have been in contact with. This information allows people to properly quarantine themselves to further prevent the spread. In this article, I will be discussing ways to utilize contact tracing software.

So how can contact tracing be used to support workplace safety initiatives?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace.” Employees need to trust they are working in a safe environment and employers need to be able to react immediately if an employee has been diagnosed with an infectious disease, such as the Coronavirus. 

OSHA Recommendations

According to OSHA, “In workplaces where exposure to COVID-19 may occur, prompt identification and isolation of potentially infectious individuals is a critical first step in protecting workers, visitors, and others at the worksite. Employers should develop policies and procedures for employees to report when they are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Surfaces in their workspace should be cleaned and disinfected. Information on persons who had contact with the ill employee during the time the employee had symptoms and 2 days prior to symptoms should be compiled. Others at the facility with close contact within 6 feet of the employee during this time would be considered exposed.”

Coronavirus Impact on Industry

Headlines are being made around the Country announcing Coronavirus-related plant shutdowns. Ford, Tyson Foods, and Boeing are among many companies that have shut down due to employees testing positive for the Coronavirus. How can employers comply with OSHA recommendations while minimizing the disruption in production? 

Now is the time to transform workplace safety from analog to digital!

Rather than shut down an entire facility, employers could implement an automated contact tracing software solution to help focus preventative efforts (e.g., identify high traffic areas for sanitization or re-routing) and speed up reaction time (someone tested positive, now what?).

Contact Tracing with Location Intelligence SaaS

Locera, an easy-to-use location intelligence SaaS, provides employers with social distancing tools to track location, proximity, and duration data of their employees. Locera users can configure social distancing rules, receive violation notifications, and implement confidential contact tracing. Contact tracing with Locera leverages data from industrial location transponders, unlike other solutions in the marketplace that require a personal or workplace mobile device. Should an employee test positive for COVID-19, authorized users can quickly run a confidential report providing historical data of the infected person’s whereabouts, with whom they came into contact with, and for how long. 

Contact tracing software heatmap.
Locera Heat Map showing high traffic areas to help focus sanitation efforts

Employers are being held more accountable each day this horrific disease infects our population. Should an outbreak occur in an industrial environment, having an automated contact tracing software solution, such as Locera, in place will significantly speed up the CDC response time to prevent further spread of COVID-19, while lessening the impact on your production.

Author’s Note

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